Canada Record Suspension

Canada Record Suspension

A record suspension (formerly known as a pardon) keeps a judicial record of a conviction separate and apart from other criminal records, and gives law abiding citizens an opportunity to reintegrate into society.

It removes all information about the conviction from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database. Federal agencies cannot give out information about the conviction without approval from the Minister of Public Safety Canada. A record suspension removes disqualifications caused by a criminal conviction, such as the ability to contract with the federal government, or eligibility for Canadian citizenship.

Important points:

  • A record suspension does not erase the fact that you were convicted of a crime. Your criminal record is not erased, but it is kept separate and apart from other criminal records.
  • A record suspension has no effect on a prohibition order.
  • If you are convicted of a new offence, the information may lead to a reactivation of the file in CPIC.

Before you apply for a record suspension, you must have completed all of your sentences, which includes:

  • all fines, surcharges, costs, restitution and compensation orders;
  • all sentences of imprisonment, conditional sentences, including parole and statutory release;
  • any probation order(s).

After completing all of your sentences, you must have completed a waiting period:

  • 5 years for a summary offence (or a service offence under the National Defence Act).
  • 10 years for an indictable offence (or a service offence under the National Defence Act for which you were fined more than $5,000, detained or imprisoned for more than 6 months). 

How to apply

  • Book an appointment with our office for fingerprinting and application submission. (Same-Day appointments are usually available!) 
  • Bring 2 pieces of Canadian photo ID to your appointment (acceptable IDs)


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