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Our office is open to public 5 days a week (Mon-Fri) and we offer fingerprinting services (Ink and Digital) by appointment ONLY. Please read our guidelines before attending your appointment.
Ink and Roll Fingerprinting

CROSS-CHECKS™ is accredited by the RCMP and is authorized to provide ink and roll fingerprinting services. Our office is equipped with the newest model of ink and roll station with ceramic ink pad that unlike traditional ink pads, leaves very minimal ink on your finger tips. Ink and roll fingerprinting card is a required document to apply for FBI record check (short for Identity History Summary Checks or IdHSC) from Canada. Also to obtain police certificate from other countries without leaving Canada you must send your ink and roll fingerprint card along with other documents to an appropriate foreign government branch.

Ink and Roll Fingerprinting

  • Required for: FBI record check, Canadians who need Police clearance from other countries*, etc.
  • Processing time: 15 minutes
  • Documents: You must present TWO pieces of valid ID (acceptable IDs) + Passport photo for some countries**
  • Fee: $49
* Special application is required to get Police clearance (عدم سوء پیشینه) from Iran. Contact us for more information.
** Some foreign countries require applicants to attach applicant's photo to their ink and roll fingerprint card. We provide photo service at our office.


By Appointment Service!No credit card information or online payment required!

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