International Fingerprinting - Card Scan

International Fingerprinting - Card Scan

If you are not currently living in Canada but previously had stayed in Canada for more than 6 month as a visitor, student or worker you can apply for a RCMP Criminal Record from outside of Canada. To do so you must send your official ink and roll fingerprint card to Canada. Since RCMP no longer accepts ink and roll fingerprints your fingerprint card must be digitalised by accredited fingerprint company in Canada. CROSS-CHECKS™ is a RCMP accredited fingerprint company in Canada. We are authorized and capable of digitalizing ink fingerprints taken by any Police Service worldwide and submit them electronically to the RCMP for a fast processing. We will mail the original Canadian criminal record check back to any address worldwide using a secure and fast express courier service.

How to apply

  • Obtain one set of your ink fingerprints at an authorized fingerprinting location in your country (outside Canada).
  • Mail your ink fingerprints and other required documents to our office in Canada (Contact us for details before sending documents)
  • We will process your documents and submit an application. We will mail your Canadian criminal background check to your address outside Canada.

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