This Privacy Statement applies to the website and all services provided by Cross-Checks and any applications, pages, or groups that are operated by us on any social network platforms.

Cross-Checks Privacy Policy sets out our commitment to protecting the privacy of individuals who use our services. It describes how we collect, use, disclose and protect personal information, as well as the choices that individuals have regarding our use of their personal information.

Cross-Checks is committed to complying with privacy laws Worldwide. We have established policies and procedures to ensure that we handle personal information in a manner that is consistent with applicable laws and respect the rights of individuals.

We may revise this Privacy Statement from time to time as we add new features or as laws change that may affect our personal information practices. You should check back periodically to review the most current version of this Privacy Statement. If you have any questions about our privacy practices, please contact us at:

By using our Web Site, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Statement.

Collection of Personal Information

We collect personal information from you when you register for an account with us or use our services. The type of information we collect may include your name, Date of birth, email address and phone number. If you choose to make a payment through our services, we will also collect your payment information, such as your credit card details.

We may also collect personal information from you when you communicate with us or provide us with feedback.

Use of Personal Information

Cross-checks gathers personal information from its clients to facilitate Cross-checks’ work in conducting background checks and providing information to clients and to employers. Cross-checks’ consent forms clearly identify the purposes for which personal information is being sought for the services being provided. Cross-checks gathers no more personal information than is necessary for the services being provided. Cross-checks does not use personal information for any other purposes than those that are disclosed to clients for the services being provided. If Cross-checks wishes to use personal information in its possession for any new purpose, the consent of clients is obtained prior to use. Cross-checks maintains personal information only for as long as is required for the services being provided.

We may use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • To provide you with the services you have requested from us;
  • To set up an account or making a payment;
  • To communicate with you, including responding to your queries or feedback;
  • To improve our services and develop new features or products; and/or
  • For any other purpose that is permitted by law.

Disclosure of Personal Information

We may disclose your personal information to the following third parties:

  • Service providers who assist us in providing our services, such as payment processors.
  • Law enforcement agencies, government agencies or other third parties as required by law.

We will take reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse, interference and loss, as well as unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.


As a company that handles sensitive personal information, Cross-Checks is committed to maintaining the highest standards of privacy and security. Cross-checks is responsible for personal information under its control and has designated a Privacy Officer responsible for Cross-checks’ compliance with the federal and local privacy rules and regulations. Cross-checks requires all clients to enter into Privacy and Terms of Service Agreements, which identify the importance of Cross-checks’ strict privacy and accountability standards. Cross-checks continuously updates and trains its staff with regard to the importance of protecting personal information. Cross-checks has agreements with third party organizations who may process information during the course of Cross-checks’ work. Cross-checks monitors all third parties’ compliance with Cross-checks’ requirements and privacy principles.


Cross-checks requires the express, informed consent of individuals from whom the collection, use or disclosure of personal information are being sought. Cross-checks does not collect any personal information or provide services without the unequivocal, informed consent of the individuals seeking Cross-checks’ services. Cross-checks’ consent forms clearly set out the purposes for which Cross-checks collects personal information from individuals. Individuals who are not prepared to provide their consent or who have questions about Cross-checks’ collection of personal information are invited to contact Cross-checks’ privacy officer by writing to:

Privacy Officer

Cross-checks Background Reporting Inc.
B211- 2099 Lougheed HWY.
Port Coquitlam, BC, V3B 1A8

Limiting Collection

Cross-checks limits the collection of personal information to that which is necessary for the purposes identified for the services being provided. Cross-checks collects information by fair and lawful means. Cross-checks continually reviews the amount and type of information being gathered from clients to ensure that no more information is gathered than is necessary to complete Cross-checks’ work.

Limiting Use, Disclosure & Retention

Cross-checks does not use or disclose personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected without with the consent of the individual or as required by law. Cross-checks retains personal information only as long as necessary for fulfillment of those purposes. Cross-checks does not use personal information for reasons other than those specified for the services being provided. For some of Cross-check’s work, consent documents are maintained for a period of 2 years for audit purposes as required by Cross-checks’ partners.

Personal information is removed from our database as required by Cross-checks ‘clients, in accordance with Cross-checks’ privacy policy and as required by law. Cross-checks’ employer clients determine the period of time that they require information to be available for their purposes. Information that is non-identifiable to specific individuals may be used for statistical purposes. When personal information is no longer required for Cross-checks’ work or no longer required to be retained by law, Cross-checks destroys the information in a manner consistent with Cross-checks’ privacy policy and principles.


Cross-checks ensures that personal information is as accurate, complete, and up-to-date for the purposes for which it is to be used, by all means available to Cross-checks. Cross-checks relies on its clients to provide accurate information; Cross-checks maintains high standards of accuracy and verification with respect to its work.


Personal information in Cross-checks’ possession is maintained in Cross-checks’ secure databases and protected by security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. Cross-checks maintains physical, technological and organizational systems, and protocols to safeguard information from unauthorized access, disclosure, use, copying or modification. Cross-checks continually updates and upgrades its systems and protocols to avoid new threats to the safety of information in its possession.


Cross-checks is committed to keeping its individual and employer clients informed as to its privacy policy and addressing any concerns clients may have. Clients are invited to voice any concerns by writing to:

Privacy Officer
Cross-checks Background Reporting Inc.
B211- 2099 Lougheed HWY.
Port Coquitlam, BC, V3B 1A8

Cross-checks is committed to addressing and responding to client concerns in a timely fashion.

Individual Access

Upon written request to Cross-checks, an individual shall be informed of the existence, content, use and disclosure of his or her personal information and shall be given access to that information. Individuals may challenge the accuracy and completeness of the information in Cross-checks’ possession and have it amended as appropriate. Cross-checks provides access for individuals to review and challenge personal information in Cross-checks’ possession. Cross-checks corrects errors in information provided to employer clients. Individual clients seeking access to their personal information are invited to request access by writing to:

Privacy Officer
Cross-checks Background Reporting Inc.
B211- 2099 Lougheed HWY.
Port Coquitlam, BC, V3B 1A8

Cross-checks is committed to addressing and responding to individual client’s requests in a timely fashion.


Individuals who have concerns about Cross-checks’ privacy policies are invited to contact Cross-checks’ Privacy Officer by writing to:

Privacy Officer
Cross-checks Background Reporting Inc.
B211- 2099 Lougheed HWY.
Port Coquitlam, BC, V3B 1A8

Cross-checks is committed to addressing and responding to complaints in a timely fashion.


  • Cross-checks does not intentionally collect information from anyone under the age of 18.
  • Clients can opt out of having Cross-checks store their information upon request.
  • Any changes to the Cross-checks Privacy Policy will be noted on Cross-checks’ websites.
  • Cross-checks does use cookies only for language preference and session identification. A cookie is a small amount of data generated by our website and saved by your web browser.
  • Cross-checks retains information that has been collected for a period not shorter than 2 years from the time it was submitted.

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