Anti-Covid Guidelines for in-person services

Effective June 1st, 2020

To ensure the safety of our clients we have set a NEW mandatory Anti-Covid guidelines that must be followed by all clients and staff. Please read the following instructions before attending your appointment:

  • No Walk-in clients: All in-person services including Fingerprinting, record check, FBI check, etc. are available by appointment ONLY. Book an Appointment
  • Wearing face mask: Due to the nature of fingerprinting service social distancing is not possible. Therefore it is mandatory for all clients, their escorts and staff to wear face masks during the procedure of fingerprinting. We offer disposable face mask at our office for purchase ($3 each).
  • Sanitization: All clients will be instructed by our staff to sanitize their hand before and after the fingerprinting. If you have allergy to regular hand sanitizer please bring your own sanitizer.
  • Be ON-TIME (Don't be late or early!): Since we are not able to allow clients to stay in our waiting area please attend your appointment on time to prevent unnecessary conflict in our schedule. 
  • No non-essential companion or escort: Due to the size of our office please avoid bringing non-essential companion to your appointment.
  • Have your documents ready: To speed up the process please remember to bring 2 pieces of photo ID (acceptable IDs) and if applicable the fingerprinting instructions that you had been provided by the entity who is requesting you to do fingerprinting (see the list).

Compliance with the above instructions shall reduce the risk of Coivd-19 transmission to a great extent. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our Anti-Covid guidelines.

Thank you in advance

Cross-Checks Management

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